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Skipper // Swagger Boat Tie-up

Posted by Samantha Allen on

We had a blast a few weekends ago celebrating the release of our new Spring / Spring 2017 line! Skipper partnered up with our friends, Swagger Fishing for a boat tie-up party in Lake Boca and had an awesome turn out. We want to thank everyone who came and enjoyed themselves. It was great meeting new faces and talking to our local supporters. 

The Skipper girls hopped from boat to boat with the FREE promo give aways. Check out the gear:

Lucky we came with a lot of stuff for the ladies and a few things for the boys. It turned into an extra long day with most boats not leaving until after 5PM. I think its safe to assume everyone had a really good time. 

Check out some of the highlights from throughout the day!


Skipper Flag

 Gaston and Dan

Sami & Meshi


Drone Shot

Check out those hats

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