So What Exactly is a Sample Sale?

So What Exactly is a Sample Sale?

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Hi Ladies!

Some of you have already been shopping with us during our sample sales and we want to say thank you! Some of you are still not sure what samples are so we are here to fill you in!

To keep it simple, a sample is the prototype of our design.

So here is how the process goes...

-We make designs and soon after putting these designs on paper we need to bring them to life. This is the sampling process.

-Our designs are manufactured and brought to life so that we can test them, look at them, make sure the fit is right, ensure we love the colors we chose, show them to retailers, Bring them to trade shows, etc. you get the idea?

-After we go through the process of making all our final decisions, and showing off our brand new styles and colors we no longer need the samples, so a sample sale is born!

- A common question we get is why most of our samples are size SMALL? This is because most of the samples are made in size  small. We do produce other sizes, these typically sell very fast and so most people never get to see them.

We love the idea of having this sale for a few different reasons:

1. We often get to share one of kind pieces that never made it to the final production run. This is super cool because we know our customers get to enjoy something unique and special.

2. Everyone loves a good deal. Our customers get to shop perfectly good styles at a very cheap price! 

3. We are not putting anything to waste! Samples wont be tossed to sit in a garbage pit like many old clothes go to die... they will be enjoyed and used.

So the next time you see a samples sale going on we hope you enjoy it and find some gems! Typically you will see these sales happen bi-annually, but on a occasion we have more items to sell and we are happy to share. If you don't want to miss the next sale, definitely sign up for our VIP list is you have not already. You can do so at the very bottom of our webpage.

Questions? Send us an email at 

Thanks for reading!


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