Behind the Scenes : Skippers go to Great Abacos!

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A group of nine friends packed a 36 Yellow Fin and set off from Lighthouse Point, Florida to The Great Abaco Islands in The Bahamas. We were very lucky to make the crossing with perfect weather all weekend long. We had no worries about rough seas or passing storms. 

The flat, sparkling, clear water was indeed one of the highlights. No matter how often we have the opportunity to cross over to The Bahamas, the water never ceases to amaze. The color is superb and the clarity is pure. 

With two full days on the water, we had the time to Island hope, fish, dive, and relax under the sun. First day upon arriving we set to do a little yellow tailing. Heading out to the shallow waters of The Bahamas we anchored out in about 35 feet of water with a few chum bags and sardines to drop our lines. Within minutes we caught dinner for the next two nights!

In the islands the sun is beyond hot! The girls were stoked to be decked out in full Skipper gear that is UPF50 and not have to worry about burning after fishing and being in the water all day. The water leggings that the girls wore throughout the trip are awesome for jumping in the water to snorkel and spearfish.

Leggings Pictured below: &

One of our most memorial stops was at No Name Cay where visitors can hangout and feed the Bahamian pigs. Yes pigs! They live their lives out on the island sustained by the visitors that travel by boat or plane to come with food and affection. For most of our crew it was the first time having the experience and it was a lot of fun and certainly something different to do. 

If you have spent time on the other islands in The Bahamas, The Abacos definitely are among the most beautiful and unique. Our top secluded spot was Treasure Cay. It is simply amazing! Walking and snorkeling around the beach made us feel like we had the island to ourselves with only a few boats coming and going. Like many of the islands in The Bahamas, the nurse sharks and stingrays come out to play looking for food. There were also a lot of reef fish among other younger species swimming in the shallow grassy waters. 

After a total of 600 miles traveled, it was great arriving home on a Sunday and sharing stores about this beautiful time with friends. Big thanks and shout out to @PilotC for the amazing photos and videos and out captain @thechrisgreen1. Thank you to friends and our Skipper Girls for representing and having a good time.


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